Roake’s Legacy: Chapter Three 

I was the first one in class today, even the teacher wasn’t here. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been attending Windenburg High and I actually made some new friends, plus Devon and I have been hanging out here and there. I’ve been hearing rumors about how he’s just being nice to me to get in my pants, but what teenage boy isn’t doing that to almost every high school female? 

I sat on the uncomfortable wooden chair waiting for students and the teacher to come in, and surprisingly enough I was enjoying school and it made me want to become a teacher. At NewCrest I was constantly bullied by Sarah and her group of friends or more like followers should I say. 

At this school I felt safe and the counselor was nice enough to help me with my classes and the teachers actually wanted to see me succeed. 

“You know that rule is so stupid!” I heard Layla say as her and a bunch of my other class mates walked in. This was a small school so everyone knew everyone. 

“What rule?” I chimed in asking, and I think I knew what they were talking about. 

“That if the teacher isn’t in here fifteen minutes we can legally walk out.” She answered, flipping her black hair over her shoulder. 

When she stood in front of me I saw her belly protruding and that’s when I realized she was pregnant. 

“Whatever you say, but it’s true though.” 

I listen to the other kids joke around as Mr. Kay walked in and everyone sat down. 

Devon sat behind me and I could feel his stare smoldering stare, while Mr. Kay has his back to us Devon had slipped me a note. 

I slipped the note in my back pocket, even though it has only been a few weeks we’ve been hanging out I was starting to delevop feelings for him. 
Little did I know what what would happen. 


Roake’s Legacy: Chapter Two 

I looked down at my bed and sighed, today was Monday which meant it was my first day at school. I was so nervous that my heart raced as I got dressed for school. 

“Have a good day honey!” My mom said as she gave me a hug. I walked out the front door and to the bus stop where I waited for a few minutes until I heard the loud brakes. Stepping o the bus I saw a few kids and some people who looked my age scattered all around, deciding to sit in the front of the bus was my only option if I want to sit anyone from anyone. 


I saw everyone by the side of the building walking towards class, everyone got off the bus before I could even stand up. 

“Yo!! What’s up!” 

“Summer was lit dude all I did was drink and bang some chicks!” 

“Oh yeah, he wasn’t as big as he said he was.” 

I rolled my eyes as I pushed the throng of people and made it in the building. 

I kept walking until I found a door which I thought was the office but I was wrong. 

I looked around and I can only assume I was in the art room, I was and since it said art class I decided to start painting, after getting my easel and paint ready someone walked into the room. 

“Wrong room,” he looked at me with his piercing grey eyes, he looked me up and down before saying, “Everyone has to report to the music room.” 

“Oh, well,” I said setting down my paint brush. “I have no idea where that’s at, today is my first day.” 

“Well welcome to Windenburg High, my name is Devon.” 

“My name is Sophia.” 

“Well Sophia, follow me.” 

He turned on his feet and I followed him out of the door. 

“So what grade are you in?” 

“A junior, you?” 

“A senior, I just have A few more months and I’m out of the place.” 

I followed him up the stairs and into the music room where everyone was packed into. 

I saw the paino and went straight for it, my fingers gliding over the discolored keys. When I heard the music I let myself go and I felt all eyes on me as I played. 

When I got home my mom had made supper and I was famished so I ate two plates of her spaghetti and meatballs. 

“How was school?” 

“Not as bad I thought but again morning comes early. I love you.” 


Roake’s Legacy: Chapter One 

I watched my mother in embarrassment as she yelled into her microphone, “Leave no Sim behind!” Chanting it over and over again, I smacked my hand with my forehead until she looked over at me with that pleading look in her eye. “Please, Sophia. I need your help.” She whispered, I looked over at the other person who was helping. 

What the hell, right? 

I grabbed the extra picket sign and microphone and yelled, “Marie Roake’s for Mayor!” 

Everyone watched us as we kept yelling until it was almost nightfall. 


“Thank you so much Soph!” My mom said as she gave me a squeeze, when she pulled away I saw the sad gaze as she looked down at her feet, I knew she was still hurt by my dad. 

Little back story, my dad had left us for his secretary, he was the owner of the hospital in Oasis Springs which we weren’t reall from but since his dad was born in Oasis he gave my dad the hospital and since he stayed there most nights while my mom and I stayed at home in Willow Creek he met Jordan, who is now his wife. 

Now me and my mother had to start over, living in a cramped two bedroom house in Windenburg. 

“I hope you worked up an appetite!” My mom said as I watched her in the kitchen, Marie, my mom is a very good cook as was her mom and so on, cooking ran in our bloodline on my moms side and was I grateful for it. 

“So, new school tomorrow, huh?” 

“Yeah, I’m nervous about it, I’ve known Willow Creek all my life.” 

“Honey I know, if it wasn’t for your dad we wouldn’t be here.” 

I sat there quietly as my mom finished making dinner for us. 

“I’m sorry for how I acted sweetie, it’s just I’m still a little upset with the whole situation. I am glad however that I was able to transfer my job here and never lost my place.” 

“I know mom, and it’s under  but tomorrow comes fast and I need to go to bed, I love you.” 

I stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek, before I shut my door to my very small bedroom I heard her start to sob in the kitchen.